Poker online Indonesia terbaik game involves several hand rules, just like any other game that players must follow in order to win and earn lot of money. These rules tend to differ according to the game. The most popular rules followed are Badugi hand rules, ace to five lowball hand ranks, traditional hand rules, and lowball hand ranks. Here information is provided about the lowball hand ranks and about the ace to five lowball hand ranksrules of poker online Indonesia terbaik.

Ace to five lowball hand ranks –

According to this rule the value of five cards low hand is calculated based on the card on top and in order to decide the winner lower cards are considered. In order to make the hands in this game of online poker rules are as follows –

Wheel or five low –

Card of value 4, 5, 3, ace and duece is called a wheel. If there is a tie amongst players then the pot amount is split among all the five high hands.

Six low – If out of the five unpaired cards, card with the highest value is a six then it is termed as six low. If there is a tie then the player with card of lower second highest ranking is the winner. If the second card is also of value six then it is also not taken into consideration to decide the winner.

Seven low and eight low – this rule is same as the six low hands but the card which is considered is of value seven or eight. The rules to break tie amongst players are also same as six low. In some poker card games, even rules such as nine low, queen low also exists.

2-7 Lowball Hand Ranks –

The rankings as per these rules are completely opposite to high hand rankings rules. If you are losing money in the traditional poker so in these games you will get the best hand using the 2-7 lowball hand ranks. According to these rules, the ace is considered a high card so flushes and straights are not good for players.

Seven low – if you have five unconnected or unpaired cards of different suits and if the highest value of your card is a seven then it is termed as a seven low. It is also popular as number one or wheel. This is the best possible hand using this rule and in this case, if a player has cards 7,5,4,3 and 2 then he wins. Similarly, there can be eight low, nine low and ten low scenarios.

If there is no sort of qualifier in this games using lowball hand rules for a low then the player with the lowest hand will win the pot even if he is making the worst pair.

By Karim