When it comes to Texas Hold’em, your poker face can compete with professionals, why not join them? Becoming a professional poker player is not just how good your hand is. The real greatness of poker is knowing when to bluff, when to bet and when to leave. Responsible players know that the point is not how many games you play, but how much money you win.

Step one: Develop your skills and your bankroll.

Start at the place where each professional qqpoker player starts, at the base of the totem, and hone your skills for many hours of practice. Lunch hours, evenings and weekends give you the opportunity to study the game in numerous books with tips and strategies, and then sit at the computer to play and win. Once you win more fake money than you lose, it’s time to invest in real money games to start building your bankroll, the money you spend to start your poker career.

Professional Poker Player

Step two: create your emergency funds.

The secret to conquering the poker world for all it has is the ability to do business. First, understand your own finances before you start betting. It is a good habit to keep two bank accounts: one for cash poker and one for real living expenses. Investing in various kinds of online business or accounting can work wonders from a financial point of view and can mean the difference between reaching a poker superstar and living in a cardboard box.

Step three: Train online.

Due to the popularity of this fast-paced card sport, online poker training is abundant. Look for professional training classes to find out what keeps them earning when everyone else leaves with empty pockets. Do you need to review your math or statistics skills? College math classes and those related to probability and statistics reveal the inner mathematical functioning of the poker world, improve your betting skills and add grades to other careers on your list.

Fourth step: tour of the country.

You know the game, you have replenished your bank account with earnings online and now you are ready to meet with the professionals. The moment you start winning poker tournaments, congratulations, you are a professional poker player! Remember, the secret is to maximize your earnings per hour by competing with less talented players and, sometimes, shooting high-stakes games with large payouts. With luck and perseverance, you will participate in the next World Series of Poker.

By Karim