The online casino has become so popular among the whole world and many people have earned a lot of money and created history in the industry of gambling. There are many games which you can play in an online casino but the most popular game among all is baccarat. There are many lands and online casino which provides gclub is one among them. This game compares to other house edge games this game has less house edge and also easy to understand the rules of the games. Baccarat is both a chance and skill game. You can win more games if you below mentioned strategies.

  • Betting with a banker’s hand: the simplest strategy of the baccarat game is betting with a banker’s hand. The reason why it is advised to bet with a banker’s hand because the statistics show that the banker hand win percentage is more than the player’s hand and tie.
  • Martingale strategy: This another type of strategy used to win the baccarat game. In this, you double your wagering amount after each loss. for example if you have wagered for ten dollars and lost the betting then in your next game you should wager for twenty dollars and you need to continue till you win the game. The logic behind this strategy is that when you win you will cover all losses that occur. Once you win then you should start your betting with the first wager bet amount that is dollar ten in this case.
  • But there is little risk in the martingale strategies like if you have less bankroll then you can lose all the money from your bankroll before you reach wining stage. If you’re losing number increases then there is the chance that you may reach the limit where you cannot make more wagering even though you have money in your bankroll.
  • Fibonacci strategy: If you do not want to use the martingale strategy then you have another option that is the Fibonacci strategy. In this, you bet based on the Fibonacci series that is that the first number starts with one, and then to progress to the next number you need to add the first two numbers. For example, if you have wagered dollar ten in your first bet then after you lose the match your next wager should be the multiplication of the second number of the Fibonacci series, and your wager according to the above case it will be two multiply the dollar ten.


Hope these strategies will help you to win more games and you will be able to increase your bankroll with big numbers.

By Karim