People have always been fascinated by names.

Thousands of books have been written around the world in several languages, regarding names, their heritage, their meaning or even how to choose a name for their child.

In Spain, where the history of names is noted more than in most other European countries, it is interesting to see a wide variety of usernames that people use when registering with online poker.

Spanish names reflect the rich culture of the country, and often they are very significant and symbolic. Many of the first names are based on the names of saints or other religious figures. The surname traditionally comes from the surnames of the parents; father follows mother. However, this tradition may soon be lost, since Spain recently introduced legislation to allow parents to freely determine the order and use of the family name. It is also not known that a married woman has up to six names.

So what’s the poker name?

Well, it’s very typical to see men using female names and women using male names while playing online poker. The use of longer names for a username is also widespread, and not in most other countries where shorter names or acronyms are used. Perhaps this reflects typical Spanish culture and the worship of names such as the names of two barrels, respecting the names of the father and mother in the family.

Both men and women also like to use pseudonyms as a way to project any form of pseudonyms on the Internet or create mystification around their anonymity.

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St Minver, an online gaming company that runs many online poker sites, including Play Poker Now, found that animal names, such as (bull or wolf), were especially popular user names that many men played poker on the Internet.

According to Juega Poker research, women often assumed a male identity when playing online poker, because they think that people can make fun of them by playing the traditionally courageous card game.

The same can be said about many men who subscribe to online bingo games

Men perceived bingo as something that women do more, so they assumed that feminine names avoid embarrassment. However, this did not prevent many poker players from registering for online bingo and vice versa.

It was also believed that men took the names of women in the interests of poker chat so that women feel more comfortable talking to them on the Internet. Perhaps they even expected women to reveal more information in this way!

Other popular usernames chosen by male players were associated with food or film. While women choose the names of flowers and brothers and sisters, or those who will ever want to use them for their children.

In general, Spanish players are likely to use their surname instead of abbreviation or pseudo-name. Once again, perhaps reflecting respect for the family name of the parents or the beauty of their name, deeply rooted in Spanish culture.


It is often said that it is possible to distinguish someone’s identity by name. Some also believe that the name they give us at birth predisposes us to a person with whom we will grow as we grow up. Can I then indicate the type of people who register for judi poker online just by looking at their name? Can this help you get the edge by knowing which poker player you can be?

By Karim