People use tokens or checks, known as Poker chips, instead of cash in even the lowest stakes home games. These are small discs that are easy to handle. A lot of cardrooms do not allow some money on the table. Players can keep $100 bills alongside their chips in higher stakes games only. Custom chips are expensive, but they are worth it. They reduce the risk of counterfeiting and improves the quality of any home game.

Type of Poker chips

There are four common types of Poker chips.

  • Plastic

Poker chips are available in two types of standard plastic. The cheapest is the one you can buy from major chain stores almost anywhere. You can see people using these plastic chips when playing friendly Poker games at home. The second type is Diamond chips made of plastic. These chips have the standard casino size and more massive than the cheaper ones. You can notice that these chips come in solid color.

  • Clay

These chips are often used in casinos because they are the most expensive type of chips. A lot of people consider them as the best quality chips. A compression molding process makes these chips. You can mold a unique design for molding it right into the chip. These are easy to handle, stack, and do tricks.

  • Composite

This type is more common in regular home games. You can also get these chips from chain stores. It usually comes with a dealer button, deck of cards, and a cut card. There are dice, diamonds, or card suits that adorn the edges of the chips. Their colors match industry standards. A small stakes Poker game or tournament prefers this type of chips because the risk of someone running in chips is low. The only drawback is that they are slippery.

You can also customize composite chips. A standard option for serious home games is to insert a metal. These are the most popular chips online, and you can choose from thousands of design options. You can also choose to have the designs on label stickers to be hot-stamped, or engraved into the chip.

  • Ceramic

These chips have that smooth porcelain feel to them. A lot of casinos use these chips. An exceptional feature of this type of chips is that you can have it graphically-designed. You cannot have the details on these chips reproduced on other kinds of chips. These will last for a long time because they are durable. Ceramic Poker chips are more expensive, but it is worth the extra cost.

It is not true that the most massive chips are the best quality chips. You can also see different types of chips in Domino Online. There are simple bank chips with only a single color. There are also some with intricate designs.

By Karim