Gambling Goes Online

One of the earliest gambling games played by mankind has been Dominos, well before the game went online. The search for reliable gambling sites is continuous. But the choice is invariably those sites that can be trusted by their members to safeguard deposits and bets and also give honest and speedy transactions regarding multiple withdrawals. Players of Domino Online must ensure that they are not victims of fraudulent gambling sites.


The Rules Of The Game

The game of Domino can be played by two, three or four players at a time in each round. Where there are four players, the option is given to the players for a partnership of two each. Initially, the dealer shuffles all the tiles and distributes seven (7) tiles to each player. The remaining tiles, which are also called Bones or Dominos, are placed face down in the center of play. These dominos can be drawn one at a time when a player is stuck with an unplayable Domino in his hand. The player to go first is then chosen by the drawing of ‘Lots’. The first tile is typically the Double Six. If the no one holds the Double Six, the next best is played. This is the Double Five, and so on. Blanks act as jokers in the pack and can be used with any other tile regardless of the number. The game can be played with a Double Twelve set of 91 Dominos or a Double Nine set of Dominos.

Daftar Poker Online is played on the screen of a device like PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone. Sometimes separated by immense real spaces because they are online, players cannot directly check out the body language of their opponents and partners alike. They therefore need to be able to judge the mental state of the other players from the mode and nature of their play. The idea is to jettison the Doubles and heavier tiles first, so that players have the lightest Dominos left in their hands. The main purpose of the game is to get all the players Dominos on the table before the opponents do it. The idea is to block the other players and get rid of the highest tiles. The rules have not changed much since well before it went online, and this familiarity is the secret of the success of QQ Poker Domino. So, what are you waiting for?


By Karim