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The online casino web sites จีคลับ is under the wave of intense competition as many entrepreneurs are coming into the field of business activities seeing its performance. The high return of investment with meager amount of initial money required for the business has formed the basic points of attraction for the new players to enter into this field. The intense level of competition can be apprehended from the fact that at this point of time about 17 million web sites are available to the players to select from. In order to survive in this stiff competitive ambience the site owners have to employ many promotional schemes to attract as well as to make the existing players to stay on at their sites. The immediate repercussion of such promotional ventures is the high level of expectations whish arose in the minds of the players.

The bonuses

The first promotional ventures came in the form of bonuses which were designed to attract the new comers as well as the existing players. For the new comers bonus schemes such as no deposit bonus and free deposit bonus are there by which the new aspirants to the games are encouraged to play for free till they find themselves suitable for wagering the games. For the existing players various schemes are there such as bonuses which are proportionate to their wagering amount etc. In some cases special form of bonuses are planned for skilled and experienced players by offering them free entry to some international events or tickets to some very posh clubs etc. The players are also now very choosy and try to find all forms of welcome bonus and other bonuses which the sites are offering before selecting the web sites where they will play.

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Other expectations

The number of games offered by the casino web sites is another factor which the players want to check. They will also like to confirm whether the games which are to their likings are included in the list of games or not. The terms and conditions are scrutinized carefully to see the wagering requirements. Many web sites are also trying to befool the players by not clearly mentioning the bonus schemes. Sometimes they offer 100% bonus for the popular games while they offer as low as 30% bonus for the less popular games. This increases the requirement of wagering amount thereby discouraging the players who are interested in the less popular games.

The mode of payments is also an issue which is to be sorted out by the owners. The web sites also offer various forms of supports such as chat support, email support and fax supports. Hence such supports are also there in the expectations of the players at จีคลับ.

By Karim